Monday, October 10, 2011

Jacques A. Vernaud's Funeral In Kinshasa

Today the body of pastor Jacques A. Vernaud, who past away in South Africa, arrived at  N’djili airport in Kinshasa.  At his request he will be burried in Kinshasa.
The Laborne church in Kinshasa has the following message on his death:
"Bien aimés dans Le Seigneur,
La Communauté des Assemblées de Dieu de la République Démocratique du Congo, l’Eglise de « La BORNE » et ses extensions ainsi que la famille VERNAUD, confirment le départ auprès du Seigneur de son serviteur Jacques André VERNAUD, en Afrique du Sud, en date du 28/9/2011 à 19h00, heure de Kinshasa.
Le rapatriement du corps se fera ce lundi 10/10/2011, à 12h45, par le vol régulier SAA, à l’aéroport de N’djili."
Jacques A. Vernaud has played an interesting role in Congo during Mobutu's days. Vernaud teached many pastors, like Mitete Nzubamunu who worked in the US and Ngoma Roger Ntoto who preaches in New York. In the sixties Jacques Vernaud met Jacques Moussounga in Suiss. Jacques Vernaud reminds me of Marcel Barbezat, who was  missionary in Tchad. I once met him in Marseille. Barbezat's son works as a pastor in Canada.

Ken Horn wrote september 28th:
"Jacques Vernaud was an evangelist for years and many churches were planted after his campaigns. In 1965, he along with several Congolese brethren founded what later became the Assemblies of God of the Congo. Today there are over 200 autonomous A/G churches in Kinshasa, with close to 1000 churches throughout the country."
Off and online many Congolese still talk about him. Even in the US blogger Ryan Elward picked up his sermons, apparently from itunes. I found these sermons "L'heure est avancée".
 and qui Ira au ciel?

Listen to Jacques A. Vernaud here on the last book of the bible: Revelation de Jean.
"The history of the King who triumphs"

Jacques A. Vernaud's christmas message 2010.


Ryan Elward said...

I actually spent 2001 and 2003 living in Kinshasa. I've been to his church many times. Jacques Vernaud was a good man.

Vincent Harris said...

Sounds very interesting, hope I can read about your experiences on your blog sometime.

Dr. James said...

Apostle Jacques Vernaud was the real deal. I had the privilege of hosting him and his wife several times at our Calvary Lighthouse, Rochelle, IL. I spent a week with him in the last months of his life. What an honor. He was born in Albert Schweitzer's Hospital, did many miracles, built the greatest church in the history of the nation! No doubt this guy has great rewards in heaven.