Monday, October 17, 2011

Dutch Native Police Officers Distrust Migrant Colleagues

On a Dutch police website Politietop divers the claim was made october first, based on a three year evaluation, that the top of Dutch police is now diverse. A glimpse at the actual numbers shows us however that immigrants are not represented at the top of Dutch police. Without adressing this apparent failure the project claims victory by putting emphasis on the number of women at the top and closes down this three year project.

Today a report was released by researcher Sinan Çankaya that shows how distrust against police-officers of foreign origin runs deep inside Dutch police. This problem is not properly adressed by Dutch police and thus leads to high fallout.

Both elements are illustrations of lack of professionalism, political will and massive failure in the field of diversity management in Dutch police. Will the top of Dutch police and the national expertcenter diversity ignore this report by Sinan Çankaya? Let's see.

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