Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brussels Mourns Dieudonné Kabongo

Everyone in Belgium knows this man from the Congo, Dieudonné Kabongo: actor, playwright, storyteller, comedian, television show host, musician and singer.

 Just like Molière Dieudonné Kabongo collapsed on stage in the centre culturel Armillaire in Jette, close to Brussels, at the beginning of the show "Les nouvelles de l’espace" of his old friend Jean-Louis Leclercq.

Christos Doulkeridis, blogger and prime-minister of the French language government of Brussels writes today:
@doulkeridis est profondément triste d'apprendre la mort sur scène du comédien Belgo-Congolais Dieudonné Kabongo
Dieudonné Kabongo was civil society member of the group that discussed the future of the French language community in Brussels.

The funny story about his mother fixing him steak and french fries instead of the fish he dreamed of while living abroad for decades in which he explains his mothers words "I didn't want to hurt your stomach" which means "I didn't want to disturb what you have become":

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