Monday, October 10, 2011

Brussels 2011 Art Nouveau & Art Deco Biennial Event

City blogging is not my daily dish, but for the art nouveau & art deco biennale I gladly make the exception. If you hate Art Nouveau  stay away from Brussels, that's for sure.

I allways enjoy taking a stroll through Matonge, the part of Ixelles that is filled with Congolese shops, small african bars and lots of Lingala. The neighbourhood is named after the famous Matonge in Kinshasa. There are several places where you can eat Kabry or Kamundele and other Congolese food (allthough some are pretty crowded on saturday). If you prefer fish dishes hop in at Poissonnerie Ammih at Rue Longue vie.

However, Ixelles is also loaded with great examples of Art Nouveau architecture, including the home of Belgium’s greatest Art Nouveau architect, Victor Horta. Adrian Bridge excellent post tells you more about Victor Horta. This month it's the Art Nouveau and Art Deco month in Brussels and next weekend it's focused on Ixelles. Make your reservations through the week and you will be able to visit exquisite buildings on the inside. This guide explains how it all works!

Let's not forget Art Nouveau, Matonge, Elio DiRupo and NVA are all expressions of the same Belgian heritage, as this blogger  points out:
"But the Art Nouveau style – which grew out of a desire for a bolder, more futuristic form of architectural expression and which was made possible by the wealth generated by Belgium’s then considerable industrial (and imperial) prowess – was meant to dazzle, shock and entertain."
Too bad I missed the first weekend. A very kind blogger scrapojapon did her best to give us a glimpse of the beauty of art nouveau and art-deco in Brussels that she saw this weekend, take a look at the pictures she could take (off course she couldn't take pictures of the most holy art nouveau shrines)!!!

Just a quick look on google gives you an idea of how art deco exists in Ixelles. A nice place for 900.000 euro's. An appartment with swimming pool in heart of Brussels close to the Louiza avenue. A house created by the architect Jacques Sa in the B/Bois de la Cambre neighbourhood. A beautiful porch in Ixelles.

Christos Doulkeridis who heads Brussels government writes on his blog (off course) proudly about Brussels being the capital of Art-Nouveau (I thought Montreal had the title). Christos Doulkeridis is founding member of karikol, an association that organizes open pique niques in the parc royal during the summer.

Charles Picqué apparently is president of the government of "Brussels capitol region" (I thought that was Doulkeridis?). I should dig in to Brussels politics a little. Charles also writes about the Biennale on his blog.

Till the end of the year the exposition "Victor Horta" (the famous art-nouveau architect) can be seen at Chaussée de Haecht 266 in Schaerbeeck (grand merci a l'Embellie).

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