Monday, September 19, 2011

Why Carnegie Mellon University Invited Kagame: Jendayi Frazer

September 3d Jendayi Frazer @JendayiFrazer tweeted:
" thanks Kwame, CMU is doing lots in Africa. Will open an IT campus in Kigali nxt yr & CMU students in Arusha, Liberia, & Ghana"
Jendayi Elizabeth Frazer is the former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, heading the Bureau of African Affairs. She currently serves as a Distinguished Service Professor at Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College and Department of Social and Decision Sciences.

This weekend she claimed:
"that the problems in eastern Congo today are not Rwandan, they’re Congolese"
When Stephen Rapp, Susan Rice, Pierre Prosper and Bill Clinton defend Paul Kagame it's pure self interest. Jendayi Frazer and Bill Clinton invited Paul Kagame to the US this week, after requesting immunity in the civil trial against Kagame in Oklahoma, in a clear attempt to regain the initiative against critics in the debate surrounding the mapping report:
This weekend Jendayi Frazer said:
"that though many Congolese believe that Rwandans are to blame for the instability in their country, the issue is more complicated than that.
“There are a lot of different groups that have been fighting in the Congo,” Frazer said. “There are Rwandan genocidaires in the Congo, there are Congolese militias. Those guys in eastern Congo that are Rwandan used it as a base to attack Rwandan villages along the border. Then there are the Congolese armed forces themselves; some of them are very undisciplined. The problems in eastern Congo today are not Rwandan, they’re Congolese.”
Jendayi Elizabeth Frazer's view is inconsistent with Vital Kamerhe's explanation of the dynamics of the peace process in eastern Congo, inconsistent with the views of former MONUC commander Patrick Cammaert and seems inconsistent with the views of current UN special envoy to Congo Roger Meece. It's inconsistent with what Tony Gambino said concerning the Crisis in Congo:

"In Congo after the 2006 elections, oddly, the international community had the opposite reaction: "Wow, now's the time to disengage," at least politically -- aid flowed -- but in terms of high-level political engagement, which had characterized the previous period."
It's also inconsistent with her role in negotiating a peace deal in eastern Congo between Congo and Rwanda.

The real debate on Rwanda and Congo is not about Paul Kagame, it's about policy makers in the US that are unwilling to reflect on their own mistakes.

 As Stephen Sackur asked Jendayi Frazer november 2008
"You spent 4 years dealing with some of the worsed problems in Africa and frankly, it looks as though they are getting worse, not better"
"why is it that the mechanisms don't seem to be able to deliver peace nor stability"
In that same interview Jendayi Frazer claimed that she didn't have intelligence that Rwanda was supporting Laurent Nkunda. Two weeks later the Netherlands blocked budgetsupport to Rwanda.

In the second part of that interview in 2008 Jendayi Frazer claimed that the FDLR was "the" problem in eastern Congo at that time.

Jendayi Frazer thinks a legitimate discussion on US foreign policy in Africa should be drowned in generalisations and distortions against it's critics. I hope students at Carnegie Mellon University will continue to ask questions also concerning the propaganda against the Rwandan diaspora in the US and Europe and the clear aim to push the "Kagame success story".

Jendayi Frazer and Pierre Prosper have also demonstrated hostility towards Occampo and the ICC, june 28th concerning the Occampo six:
"Very strange can only seem to bring cases against leaders in Selective indictments undermines ICC "
june 21st:
Agree that we need to prevent 2007 repeat but action hasn't stopped violence in --not Sudan, not DRC, not Uganda.
yes cause they want end to impunity but he is undermining that w/selective indictments focused on

I blame him for not prioritizing . is a wonderful country & why only indicts Africans? No IRA?
Interesting and disturbing to see that Jendayi Frazer (is buying into or) helping spread this populist anti-Ocampo message. What does this tell us?

Moreno-Ocampo maintains that the allegations that he is singling out Africa are unfair (september 3d 2010), noting that most of his African investigations have been launched at the request of the governments where the crimes occurred.

Further reading:

Jendayi Frazer, former University of Denver Prof, Implicated in 2006 Ethiopian Invasion of Somalia , the wikileaks cable referenced in that article can be found here.

In 1998 Jendayi Frazer claimed there were no Rwandan troops in Congo.

Jendayi Frazer and The War in Somalia

Jendayi Frazer recently interviewed Jean Ping in which she ganged up against Ocampo again. Jean Ping had an interview with Roger Bongos recently too.

Jean Ping questioned on the Congolese elections september 8th by Serge Welo.

Jean Ping irritated against NATO.

If you want to understand Jendayi Frazer's worldview, read this 2009 article in the WSJ.

"Carnegie Mellon Univ. seems to still have its head in the sand when it comes to restricted academic freedom in #Rwanda."
I disagree, this is not some accident.


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in retrospect I'm not sure my phrase 'It's also inconsistent with her role in negotiating a peace deal in eastern Congo between Congo and Rwanda.' (2009?) is a correct characterisation of what she aimed to accomplish at the time. See also this recent interview on Al Jazeera