Sunday, September 25, 2011

What Haiti And Rwanda Have In Common?

I warned Paul that he should unfriend Michael Fairbanks, a guy who seems to blame culture (read hutus) for the lack of development in Rwanda. The solution was "Leadership" as parrotted by Rick Warren in his book "purpose driven nation". Leadership is a nice word for "dictatorship". 

Martelly, President of Haiti, claimed, in a panel discussion with Paul Kagame, that he could learn from Rwanda concerning development of Haiti. How should we understand this? Is Martelly just being nice to Clinton CGI and "his" pet project Haiti. And what is Clinton's history with Haiti?

Haiti's problems have been connected to cultural origin by Lawrence Harrison. Paul Kagame has used this idea, through Michael Fairbanks, to justify crushing opponents, killing opponents at home and abroad. Donor spokesperson and Dutch Ambassador, Frans Makken, justified this approach by parroting Kagame's statements in the run up to the elections:
"In a country in conflict, you see that socio-economic rights are given more importance than civil and political rights. Why? Because the important thing is that people have something to eat and to drink and are able to offer their children a futureYou do not want to endanger that by giving broad democratic rights, that also offer space for militant organizations, including the Hutu rebels responsible for the genocide, who are still active in Congo and in the diaspora in Europe."
It's interesting how all these politicians suddenly got some much "courage" when it doesn't concern criticising their own constituents. I much prefer Ron Paul's courage, as explained by Tom Wood in an interview with persian tv. 

If politicians want to lecture anyone, they should start at home. As Jim DeMint said recently:
"the U.S. has not had good results" when it has tried to set up democracies around the world and would be better off serving as a beacon for home-grown democracy movements and getting its own fiscal house in order. "I think the best thing we can do for the world is to be that 'city on a hill,"
Courage is often observed when politicians talk tough about supporters of the opposite party. We remember for example Vice President Biden who said he believes some Tea Party Republicans “acted like terrorists” during the debt talks.  Or Bernie Goldberg when toughing tough against liberals on Fox as Jon Stewart points out in the video below.

By the way, Ron Paul clearly is a fan of John Stewart, he allmost quoted this line from the video (John Stewart):
I haven't moved from the comedians box to the news box, the news box is "moving towards me."
Ron Paul in Ames:
"I haven't moved towards the mainstream, the mainstream is moving towards me"

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