Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tshisekedi's UDPS Xenophobic Discourse

While negotiations are still ongoing in Kinshasa.
August 11th 2011 Francois Tshipamba Mpuila,  strategic coordinator of Tshisekedi's UDPS in Belgium and Luxembourg, wrote a xenophobic hitpiece against Kamerhe, Kengo and Kabila and posted it to the Belgian UDPS website yesterday, claiming:
"A toutes les attaques adressées contre Kanambe, Kengo et Kamerhe sur leur origine étrangère et sur sur crime d'imposture et sur le fait que ces trois individus ont mis notre Pays à feu et à sang et ont été sur la première ligne de front des truands, des vampires, des pilleurs, des prédateurs, des bourreaux et des assassins de notre Peuple, ce ne sont pas les trois imposteurs et les trois criminels qui répondent, ce sont plutôt leurs esclaves consentants congolais qui s'empressent de répondre à leur place et de prendre leur défense, comme le démontrent nombreux textes sur Internet." 
Which translates as:
 "Of all the attacks launched against Kanambe "...(meaning Kabila is in reality a rwandan)", Kengo and Kamerhe concerning their foreign origin and concerning the fact that these three individuals have put our country in fire and blood and were on the frontline of mobsters, vampires, thieves, predators, torturers and assassins of our people, it's not these three impostors and these three criminals that answer, but it's their consenting Congolese slaves that are eager to answer in their place and take their defense, as demonstrated in many texts on the internet"
Vital Kamerhe has made clear what he thinks about this line of thinking many times (Just listen to this video at minute 56:00). :
"This is why our country doesn't progress" 
The UDPS could learn a lot from Vital Kamerhe  on how to speak about other opposition parties, how to explain the dynamics of the Congolese transition and the context of the elections. If you think Francois Tshipamba Mpuila somehow has a point, I challenge you to listen carefully to what Vital Kamerhe says in the interview with Elie Smith of Telesud.

Francois Tshipamba Mpuila's claim that Vital Kamerhe never contradicts these xenophobic allegations and the allegations that he somehow is responsable for the war in eastern Congo is completely false. In every interview he gives Vital Kamerhe answers these questions quite forcefully.

The UDPS should start engaging Congolese voters with substance instead of selling fairy tales.

Even from a strategic perspective I can't see how demonising Vital Kamerhe helps Tshisekedi both at home and abroad. It seems to me Tshisekedi's UDPS has no clue as to why Joseph Kabila won in Kivu last time around. If that is any consolation, he isn't alone, David Aronson , the people working at the American embassy in Kinshasa and most observers are as much in the dark as he is.

Sacrebol, a Congolese blogger, writes on this same topic today.

Christophe Rigaud writes on Tshisekedi's strategy sofar

Kengo Wa Dondo, Vital Kamerhe and Thomas Luhaka signed a common governance paper today.


Alex Engwete said...

"Of all the attacks launched against Kanambe (meaning Kagame is in reality a rwandan)"

You no doubt meant "...(meaning Kabila is in reality a rwandan)"

Great analysis!

Vincent Harris said...

thanks, I will correct that.