Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rwandan Attempt To Smear Vital Kamerhe

Today Igihe, a Rwandan pro-Kagame website, claimed this wikileaks cable is proof that Vital Kamerhe is not telling the truth concerning his knowledge of the Umoja Wetu operation in Kivu.

US Ambassador William J. Garvelink interpretation of Kikaya Bin Karubi's words is the exact opposite:

"his remarks about the ineffectiveness of non-violence, glib remarks about Kamerhe's safety, and matter-of-fact dismissal of transparency vis a vis Parliament, likewise provide an enlightening, if disconcerting, glimpse into what are probably common views about the nature of politics among the political elite in Kinshasa, although most would never dare to speak so bluntly about these issues to us"

However, when a pro-Kagame website is trying to smear a Congolese politician who is considered the peace-maker in Eastern Congo it says something. Vital Kamerhe should be happy.

09:00 of this video Vital Kamerhe explains that the Congolese parliament should have been informed before Umoja Wetu took place. This did not happen, a clear violation of article 213 of the Congolese constitution.


Alex Engwete said...

The tragic irony, for Kamerhe, is the persistent rumor he's Kabila's stalking-horse introduced in the race to steal votes from Etienne Tshisekedi.

Vincent Harris said...

or that he holds a grudge against Kabila.