Monday, September 12, 2011

Protests In France Against Paul Kagame's Visit To Paris

A congolese activist succeeded in creating a scene at a pressconference. A picture of the anti-Kagame protests made it to the ABC News website.

Jambonews  and Dutch journalist Anneke Verbraeken are in Paris and report on the different protests in Paris against Paul Kagame's visit. Mariann2 interviews Gérald Gahima, cofounder of the Rwandan opposition party RNC on the visit.

Roger Bongos, Congolese journalist in Paris (Video from the Rwandan diaspora meeting and his acount), has been expelled this afternoon from the conference of Rwandan minister at the "maison de la presse" in Paris at the request of the Rwandan "authorities"(via @loudjaro).
Article in le Parisien about the demonstration on the peripherique. Several Rwandan bloggers have allready written on the visit, Ambrose Nzeyimana adds his voice to the choir:
"Paul Kagame in Paris: A case of racial prejudice towards African victims of state terrorism"
At about 14:30 @anneketanneke tweeted:
"3 heavily guarded busses with friends of just arrived in Paris. They're gonna demonstrate against visit  "
Pictures of a the demonstration that followed. Today on RNW UDF-Inkingi's Secretary general in Rwanda,Sylvain Sibomana sums up a long list of political prisoners in Rwanda.

French member of the European parliament and former vice-president of MoDem (Francois Bayrou's party), Corine Lepage (who was appointed as minister in 1995 by Allain Juppe), @corinnelepage tweets on Kagame's visit:
"#kagame. Un dictateur à Paris. Rappelons la réception de khadafi et de sa tente en 2008. Est ce opportun? Est ce légitime?"
The best analysis i have seen sofar of  Nicholas Sarkozy's reasons and strategy by Franck Petit in Slate Afrique.  Good analysis also by Yan Yec'han.  Sarkozy will meet Tshisekedi this week, seems to me Sarkozy is taking center stage in great lakes donor strategy, while US stays low profile (but are no doubt closely involved in donor strategy). Interview on Robert Bourgi's revelations and comment by Survie on Kagame's visit. Today also a blogpost by Olivier Mathieu on the mapping report  in which he claims that planification of the Rwandan genocide is beyond doubt. This is incorrect as Peter Erlinder points out in the article Rwanda: No Conspiracy, No Genocide Planning ... No Genocide? :
 "The real news was that ALL of the top Rwandan military officers, including the supposedly infamous Colonel Bagosora, were found not guilty of conspiracy or planning to commit genocide."
Candide Okeke, Apareco, gives her view. Roger Bongos, Afrique Redaction, tells about his experience in Aubervilliers. He also interviews several Rwandans at the meeting in Aubervilliers.


For those who prefer bloggers from rural Rwanda, here is one I just discovered.

Update september 13th:
Protest outside Ritz Hotel Paris against "press predator" Paul Kagame. Police were rapidly on the scene and began removing about 25 protesters who had staged a sit-down protest in front of the Ritz. Among them RSF head Jean-Francois Julliard. Jean-Francois Julliard wrote a report on the Gacaca case against Belgian Catholic Father Guy Theunis in 2005. Four Rwandans played important roles in the accusations against Guy Theunis: Antoine MUGESERA (worked at central planning commission of the RPF), Marie-Immaculée INGABIRE (president of Rwandan journalists at the time which usually means propaganda, Lindsey Hilsum seems to have played a role in spreading RPF propaganda long before her propaganda piece last year on the mapping report), Tom NDAHIRO (remember his desinformation in the Lazare Kobagay case!!!) et Jean Damascène BIZIMANA, who wrote a letter against Jean-Francois Julliard in that same year on the Guy Theunis case.

Allain Juppé comments today on Kagame's visit:
"my convictions haven't changed concerning Rwanda"
Paul Quiles interviewed on the outcome of the visit:

"Le président rwandais Paul Kagamé ne demande pas "d'excuses" à la France pour son rôle au Rwanda en 1994. Qu'en pensez-vous? 
"S'il ne demande pas d'excuses, il nie, de ce fait, la véracité du rapport Mucyo, qu'il avait lui-même commandé et dont l'objet était de prouver l'implication de la France dans le génocide. Dans ce rapport, on disait que la France et son armée avaient participé à l'exécution du génocide et que les soldats de l'opération Turquoise [opération humanitaire de la France pendant le génocide] étaient venus au Rwanda pour tuer des Tutsis. S'il ne demande pas d'excuses, c'est signe que ces allégations tombent."

blogpost on RPF actions in Congo in 1996. Storify collection by VOA reporter on this visit.

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