Friday, September 9, 2011

Propaganda Against Rwandan Diaspora France Ahead Of Kagame's Visit

This week Ambassador of France to Rwanda Laurent Contini warned against a rise in "anti-Rwandan propaganda" in Paris. Laurent Contini has been fired for this statement. And for good reason.

Alain Gauthier, who is married to Daphrose Mukarumongi, a niece of James Kabarebe, Rwanda's minister of defense, as president of the France based victims' organization Collectif des parties civiles pour le Rwanda(CPCR) has filed september 7th 2011 a complaint against Manassé Bigwenzare, a 76-year old Rwandan suspected of "having planned the 1994 genocide in the Murambi area". Off course, eagerly rehashed by Ibuka France the same day. Rwanda News Agency publishes this "news" too. Hirondelle News Agency posted it today. posted it to there site this week as well.

As in the cases against Lazare Kobagaya and Yvonne Basebya the timing of this accusations just days ahead of Paul Kagame's visit to France is obviously aiming to link the critics of the current Rwandan President to Hutu rebels responsible for the genocide.  Dutch diplomacy , individuals like Frans Makken, abused the Yvonne Basebya case to justify it's help in rigging the Rwandan elections and spread propaganda against the Rwandan diaspora in the Netherlands in general and Victoire Ingabire in particular.

The State department's war crimes chief's visit to Rwanda in the run up to the Lazare Kobagaya trial was part of the same donor strategy. The goal was to use the outcome of that trial as a PR weapon against critics of the Kigali regime, specifically Paul Rusesabagina and Victoire Ingabire.

Several bloggers are following Victoire Ingabire' Trial. Dutch Journalist Anneke Verbraeken, Global Voices editor Etienne Mashuli has collected several quotes from bloggers on this topic. A Brussels based association has written a comparitive study on Victoire Ingabire and Aung San Suu kyi  The international press ignored Victoire Ingabire for the most part until she was jailed, her process has set in motion the writers and the presses across the world.

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