Friday, September 2, 2011

Ocampo vs. Kenya?

African arguments writes that the indicted Ocampo six have not only hired a London-based PR firm to mend their bruised public personas; more broadly, they’ve attempted to couch the investigations as
“Ocampo vs. the Kenyan state.”
The first case is against Orange Democratic Movement's (ODM) William Ruto, Henry Kosgey and Joshua Sang' and started today.
Does this explain the exclusive interview with Uhuru Kenyatta, son of former President Kenyatta, and his @teamuhuru twittered quote:
"I am inspired in terms of leadership by people like Nelson Mandela and Kagame"
Is it just Michael Fairbanks and Lawrence Harrison's rebranding the word "dictatorship" with the much nicer word "Leadership", or is it also Kagame's regular comments on international justice that inspire Uhuru Kenyatta?

 Paul Kagame (obviously) doesn't like International justice, an example yesterday:
"He challenged the legal fraternity to defend the dignity of Rwanda and Africa, and stand up against unequal treatment, where certain countries outside the continent seek to be considered superior and untouchable when it comes to international justice."

Paul Kagame lashed out again today in a radio broadcast concerning the Spanish arrest warrants:
"It is a political indictment. They cannot sustain it before a court of law," Kagame said, criticising what he said were the double standards of countries that think they can lecture Rwanda whilst issuing politically-motivated arrest warrants.

"This is happening in countries that every day give us lectures about every thing, including about justice and law."

Informative article on this by AfroAmerica Network writes:
"Sources close to the French and Spanish judiciary and the Rwandan Embassy in New York have informed AfroAmerica Network that some of the Rwandan President’s closest aides set to accompany the President during his official trip to France planned for September 13, 2011 have been barred from entering France or were refused visa."
As Nkunda writes today:
"Kagame reveals that his officials are having trouble securing visas to travel to Europe. Rwandans welcome this development.

Spain started the investigations because of its citizens killed by the Rwandan Patriotic Front. Any responsible government would have done that. There is nothing political with a court of law dispensing justice."
Jennifer Cooke of CSIS Africa recently oncluded in a study titled Rwanda Stress test:

 "Rwanda must “build truly national institutions that are — in both perception and fact — genuinely independent of RPF control. If the ruling party chooses this route, its first priority should be the country’s judicial system. A credible, impartial judiciary will help adjudicate the political, social, and economic tensions that will arise as Rwandans chart their way forward. "

She explained her views in this youtube video:

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