Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kisangani Cyber Cafe

Internet Cafes Congo Kinshasa

Datco Internet Cybercafe (also known as has provided Goma with reliable internet since the year 2003. With a fast satelite link to a London Teleport, users with their own laptops can acess internet through our local Hotspot.

Datco Internet is located in the middle of Goma town, next to Bank Prive du Congo which is next to the Post Office.

Association Belgo-Congolaise

ABC has a cyber-cafe with very reasonable prices. The cyber is open till 8pm and has about 8 computers.

ABC also has a DVD-rental store, a small art display where you can buy pieces by local artists, and a patio restaurant with a good selection of dishes and reasonable prices.

It is located in Soci-Mat, near the intersection of the Boulevard 30 Juin and Avenue de la Justice.

Starnet cafe

Located on the Boulevard 30 Juin and Blvd 24 November, this is a professional-looking cyber cafe with about 25 stations that also serves beverages and snacks. You pay them for a unit of time (30 min, 60 min, etc) and receive an access code, which means that if you have time leftover, you can use your code for a future session.

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