Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kagame Accuses France Of Role In Genocide One Day Before State Visit


" the French will never admit to their crimes in Rwanda! Cannot help but be angry!"


". True ...we all do get very angry but we got to manage it well for sake of future of our nation...!"


Alex Engwete said...

Oh boy!...I can't help giving kudos to Paul Kagame... This is amazing! In the sorry history of African leaders, this is the first African mofo to be taken seriously and as an equal by Western leaders! Consider this: Sarko advised his Foreign Minister Alain Juppé to go hang out somewhere in Asia (or wherever he wanted to kill time) during Kagame's visit in Paris! Unbelievable! There's bad blood between Juppé, who was, like now, Foreign Minister during the Rwandan genocide...

Vincent Harris said...

Sarkozy is a smart politician. I see this diplomatic reconciliation as part of a broader strategy by Sarkozy to end this outdated "gaullist" tribal war with the English speaking world. Just as with Libya, Sarkozy is seeking a leadership role for france and thinks that this realignment strategy with the US is the way to get there. Alain Juppé is just making sure the old Gaullistes are staying on board while Sarko is making the transition. (my theory)