Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jim DeMint Endorses Ron Paul's Non-Interventionism!

The interview with Marvin Olasky yesterday shows that Jim DeMint is aligning himself with Ron Paul on FOREIGN POLICY. Asked about America's role in world affairs, Jim DeMint said:
"the U.S. has not had good results" when it has tried to set up democracies around the world and would be better off serving as a beacon for home-grown democracy movements and getting its own fiscal house in order.
"I think the best thing we can do for the world is to be that 'city on a hill,"
This is 100% Ron Paul non-interventionist foreign policy :

"See the difference with me is I believe there is a lot of good traits and a lot of good qualities about America's belief in liberty, markets, freedom and sound money, but we should spread our goodness by setting an example, that's the difference, the idea that somebody would use force to make other countries to act like we do or make individuals act like we think they should rejects the whole notion of liberty, because we reject the notion of using force to mold peoples lives and change the world."

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