Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Power Outages In Congo Lead To Creativity

Power outages can lead to genius, Sandrine Ngalula is the proof: She decided to study electric engineering during a power outage in Kikwit.

For 1500 dollars (Solar panels) you won't be bothered by power outages any longer, Radio Okapi wrote september 15th.

She succeeded in transforming an electric car prototype into a hybrid car by integrating a fuel cell, has started developing a plan to electrify villages in Congo-Kinshasa. This plan is primarily designed around solar technology.

Crismy energie from Montréal has an office in Kinshas for solar energy equipment.

Solar cooking has a solar energy project in Kinshasa as well:
"The city of Kinshasa is working hand in hand with the local communities and sees the promtion of solar energy as the best way to put an end to the rampant destruction of the environment in Kinshasa. "
Somehwat related, the Dutch development  organisation SNV has a job opening for a Senior Advisor Renewable Energy (Kinshasa, DR CONGO)

Solar energy is also part of the project "Cinq Chantier".  Congo Energie solaire has a project in Kinshasa for those interested.

Bruno Mukuna Badibanga is also in the business of solar energy.

Matoko Kambulu wrote about  solar street light in Kinshasa in october 2010

Sylvain Kilmour is starting a business using the DIY Solar technique in Kinshasa, DRC.
He has interested other locals and expects to be able to get a KIVA loan.

African Energy is also involved in solar energy in Congo.


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