Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yvonne Basebya Ntacyobatabara Sacrificed By Dutch Diplomats

Dutch prosecutors apparently allready know that Yvonne Basebya is guilty. Everything that doesn't fit in their hypothesis is ignored. Very unprofessional.

Yvonne Basebya's lawyer points out that Dutch prosecutors are stepping over their responsability in their effort to frame her at all cost as guilty. Prosecution in the Dutch justice system, which is not the same as the anglosaxon system, should allways keep the possibility open that the accused is not guilty.

Yvonne Basebya, who was symbolicaly arrested during the visit to Rwanda of Dutch justice minister Hirsch Ballin in the run up to the rigged elections in 2010, seems to be the victim of Dutch realpolitic.

The Dutch government wanted to distance itself from Victoire Ingabire and used Yvonne Basebya as a pon in this sordid game. Yvonne Basebya, who like Lazare Kobagaya stands accused of having participated in the genocide, is a dutch citizen.

Since june 2010 Yvonne Basebya has been in custody. Several sessions have taken place since. Her husband, Augustin Basebya, said in an interview in march:
“We do have faith in the justice system in the Netherlands. It is a country of rights. We hope that there will be a fair trial.”

In the Netherlands there is no jury system like in the US, so Yvonne Basebya depends on the whims of a tribunal.

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