Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who Were The Attorneys In Lazare Kobagaya Case?

An attorney for a Kansas man accused of committing atrocities during the Rwandan genocide says the Justice Department decided to drop its immigration case against Lazare Kobagaya after prosecutors were threatened with sanctions for withholding evidence:

"WICHITA, Kan. —
The U.S. Justice Department decided to end its immigration case against a Kansas man suspected of participating in the 1994 Rwandan genocide after:
"defense attorneys told the government they planned to seek sanctions against prosecutors for withholding evidence
, a defense lawyer says.

The comments from defense attorney Melanie Morgan on Friday came a day after a federal judge tossed all charges against Lazare Kobagaya, 84:

Morgan credits the government's sudden reversal in its decision about whether to retry the case to a letter she sent to the Justice Department. Defense attorneys declined to release a copy of that letter, but Morgan said she told the department that the defense planned to seek to have the case dismissed and seek sanctions against prosecutors.

"I do feel like it was very influential in them coming to a decision about how the case should ultimately be resolved,"
she said.

A comment by ictflyer on the outcome of the Lazare Kobagaya case that is worth noting:

"What a waste of taxpayer money. This case should have never been brought to Kansas. And, the Department of Justice lawyers that did not disclose the witness that would have benefited the defense should be disbarred. That is the problem with the government. They are all about convicting people whether or not they are guilty doesn't seem to matter. Let's remember who these incompetent, overzealous attorneys are and if they ever run for any kind of office that requires voters let's do not let them ever get elected. We should all contact our congressmen and get these crooks thrown out of the prosecutors office. We don't need these kinds of people in our government."

Attorney Kurt Kerns pointed out that no one with the offices of the U.S. Attorney in Kansas played a role in making the error.

Those responsable for the "error" must then be as I noted their names earlier the prosecutors at the Federal level: The Senior Trial Attorneys Christina P. Giffin, Steven C. Parker and Deputy Chief Robert G. Thomson of the Department of Justice's Criminal Division's Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section ( HRSP)

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