Friday, August 12, 2011

The Sphinx Of Limete Proves Ennemies And Observers Wrong

The democratization of the DRC began before Rwanda invaded the DRC. An important reality that we should keep in mind while watching the campaign in the DRC unfold. Etienne Tshisekedi's campaign is built around the "Kabila parenthesis" thesis. The assassination of Floribert Chebeya, who was a human rights activist in Congo during the Mobutu era, is being seen by many as an attempt to instill fear into the Congolese electorat. In other words, the assassination of Floribert Chebeya is seen as a move away from democratization to dictatorship. The Tshisekedi groundswell in Lubumbashi, in Kinshasa, in Bandundu, which is Antoine Gizenga's province, among the diaspora from all across the DRC, seems to demonstrate that this suspected "fear" strategy isn't working. However, Colette Braeckmann wrote yesterday
"le vieil opposant représente déjà la plus grande inconnue du scrutin présidentiel à un tour"
which translates as "the old representative of the opposition represents allready the biggest unknown factor in this one-cycle election". An understatement that doesn't fully grasps the impact of Tsisekedi's campaign sofar (in my perception).

Even alex Engwete, who has been very critical of Tshisekedi, concluded yesterday:
"In any case, despite the lack of vision of his speech at the Stade des Martyrs, Tshisekedi conclusively demonstrated to his enemies and to observers of the Congolese political scene —including myself—who’ve given up UDPS for dead that the reports of the early demise of his party were greatly exaggerated... "
Alain Diasso writes today:
"In the face of the progress of the leader of the UDPS who's aura has been in constant progress over the last couple of months, the presidential majority is called to revisit it's calculations"
Will Tshisekedi lead Congo into the East African Community?

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