Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ron Paul Reminds Us Of Bush Broken Foreign Policy Promisses

Ron Paul reminds his audience that George W. Bush ran on a platform of humble foreign policy in 2000 and that we should not be the policeman of the world.

Both Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul criticized the George W. Bush foreign policy in their 2008 campaigns.

Rick Perry, who endorsed Rudy Giuliani in 2008, is planning to spoil the Ames Straw poll event, which Mike Huckabee has in turn allready called "bad form" and a "tactical blunder"

Representative Steve King from Iowa knows what he is talking about when he tells Chris Matthews to not underestimate Ron Paul.

Dadaorwell has collected an impressive list of US political forums that discuss politics and added this encouragement:

"Tired of Ron Paul not getting enough media coverage? Then spread the word yourself! This thread links to other web forums that are discussing Ron Paul or which have a good section to discuss him. Most of these are very active. I urge you to register on some of these boards as I have done and talk up Ron Paul rather than just preaching to the choir!"
Participate in the Ron Paul twitter bomb tonight, follow these instructions and explanation.

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