Monday, August 22, 2011

Ron Paul: I Am Running On George W. Bush 2000 Foreign Policy

Ron Paul reminds us how George W. Bush will be rememebered: A pandering liar who's foreign policy was unRepublican and who has the deaths of a million Iraqis on his conscience:
"I am virtually running on George W. Bush foreign policy of the year 2000, he was very critical of Clinton, the intervention, the nation building. He said we don't need to be in nation-building, we don't need to be intervening. WE don't need to be the policeman of the world. That's George Bush. I am just running on George Bush foreign policy. So, why is it so strange now? You know why? Because I am serious about it, I am just not pandering."
Ron Paul:
"Our foreign policy has led to the death of a millions dead Iraqis, you can't ignore that"
As Christian Gomez writes at the new American:
"Websites from to create an image that Ron Paul is “Al Qaeda’s Favorite Member of Congress” or that he is the pro-Russia/Communist candidate. When Ron Paul is not being ignored by the media his detractors take potshots at him, attempting to create a distorted image of Ron Paul as a supporter of totalitarianism and Communism."
In a detailed account of Ron Paul's record in Congress since 1976 Christian Gomez concludes:
Despite the distortions and false imagery presented in certain web outlets, the record of Ron Paul is clear as to where he stood on communism and the Soviet Menace of the Cold War. Assertions to the contrary represent inaccurate history and distort the record of the Texas Congressman, who has always championed the cause of individual liberty — unwavering since his early days in office as both defender of the Constitution and Cold Warrior

For those who want to listen to George W. Bush on foreign policy during his 2000 campaign:

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