Monday, August 15, 2011

Ron Paul: Eisenhower Was Elected To End War

Ron Paul gives a history lesson on how his position on war fits in the context of the Republican party.

Linda Feldmann (CSM) claims:
"Ron Paul's unorthodox positions on foreign policy.. keep him outside the Republican mainstream" and "major party strategists tend to believe he’s not nominatable"
Anyone know which strategists we are talking about here?

In may, before Ron Paul surged in the polls in Iowa and nationally, Republican advisor Marc McKinnon wrote an article titled "why Ron Paul has a shot"

Marc McKinnon is not some joke, he was actually George W. Bush's presidential campaign chief media advisor, directing his advertising effort in 2000 and again in the 2004, Mark McKinnon, wrote back in may:
" As usual, I think it's a good bet that Ron Paul will be underestimated and exceed expectations. Perhaps by a lot."
Steve Deace from Des Moines wrote:
"Rand Paul told me social conservatives need not be leery of his dad because he's "solidly pro life."
Huckabee asks "do value voters matter?" in an interview with Tony Perkins in which he brands Bachmann a "value voters candidate". Tony Perkins claims that the influence of value voters is growing and not diminishing in any way. Mmm...

Craig White wrote an article which is closer to the truth:
"Let’s be frank: while there have been some social conservative successes in changing people’s minds (more Americans now call themselves "pro-life," for example), and some little political victories here and there, overall, the political strategy is just not working."
The problem with these value voter lobbyists is similar to governments, once you give them a finger they take your whole hand. Ron Paul can help cut down the size of dead meat among these lobbyists and try to create some coherence in Evangelical politics that totally lacks consistency. Evangelicals and other social conservatives deserve better then these pandering lobbyists.

When I see Ron Paul I see the great gardener of Republican politics who will patiently weed out the American garden of useless lobbyists.

Revolution Pac on the media blackout and hostility against Ron Paul:

Jacob G. Hornberger writes:

"Why not simply treat Paul like any other candidate?

Because most MSM reporters and television commentators are statists, meaning that they love socialism, interventionism, and imperialism.

As statists, they love the welfare-state programs, the regulatory programs, and the warfare-state programs.

They adore the federal government and look upon it as their savior, their provider, and their protector."


Ann Garrison said...

You should see the food fight that broke out on my Facebook wall, just because I posted this "status update": Whatever about Ron Paul, and I know there's a lotta whatever, he'd at least stop bombing Africa.

Vincent Harris said...

You can take that to the bank.