Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rand Paul: GOP Leadership Should Thank Ron Paul

As Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor who won the caucuses in 2008, told reporters:
“Whoever wins or comes in second, they get gas for their fire. Whoever doesn’t, they get water for theirs."
Senior Paul strategist Doug Wead explains Ron Paul's campaign effort:
“The missing link for us, the outreach to evangelicals, which is so key to South Carolina and the south — we’re filling it,” said Wead, speaking to POLITICO in between announcements on Paul’s stage."
Ron Paul tells the Republican party leadership:
"The conventional, traditional Republican leaders that's been around a while, they want to grow the party, but they never come and ask me and say, 'how do you get young people in the party?' They've never done that, but that's what they have to do. They have to appeal to the young people."
Rand Paul makes a similar point in reaction to Ron Paul's surge to "photo finish" in The Cavalcade in Ames Iowa in the video below.

It's becoming increasingly clear that Ron Paul has the strongest ground operation, is attracting new voters to the Republican party and is making inroads into the Evangelical vote. A clear path to victory in Iowa, New Hampshire and the endorsement of Republican Kingmaker Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina!

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