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Pierre Prosper Wins Kagame Case Oklahoma

Additional reason why Republicans should not vote for Mitt Romney: Pierre Prosper who once said "war crimes justice is political"

Arent Fox partners Ambassador Pierre-Richard Prosper, who served as a war crimes prosecutor for the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, successfully defended Paul Kagame in the Oklahoma case july 15th 2011.

Pierre-Richard Prosper partner of Arent Fox, Michael Cryan, and Roy Z. Silva represented President Kagame in this matter.
“The plaintiffs have offered nothing to establish that they ever delivered a copy of the complaint to President Kagame personally,” wrote Judge West. “The plaintiffs’ own evidence establish that their process servers never came within close proximity of President Kagame. … Clearly the plaintiffs have not shown that they met the requirements of Federal Rule 4(e)(2) or 4(e)(4) because they failed to establish that they delivered a copy of the complaint to Prewsident Kagame or to his ‘authorized agent.’”

Pierre Prosper is up to his kneck into the Rwanda shit, as we all know:
"The Hague, 7 September 2007 (FH) - In "Peace and Punishment", Florence Hartmann, former spokesperson for Carla del Ponte, former prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, states how on pressure from the United States the special investigations targeting suspects from the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) were buried forever, sullying the legacy of the ICTR......In August 2003, New York approved the resolution relieving Carla del Ponte by assigning to the ICTR a specific prosecutor. Hassan Bubacar Jallow took the head of the prosecution. In November 2003, as New York debated over the text which would result in the resolution of 26 March 2004 on the "completion strategy" of the ad hoc tribunals, Pierre-Richard Prosper reassured President Kagamé. "He convinced him not to worry about the text of the future resolution since Gambian Hassan Bubacar Jallow, named at the beginning of September to succeed del Ponte, ratified the promise of the United States to the Rwandan authorities on the abandonment of prosecution against the Tutsi soldiers by the ICTR."
In 2006 Pierre Prosper was advisor to Mitt Romney on foreign policy:
"SA: Do you support any particular candidate?

I am advising Governor Mitt Romney. I am assisting him in foreign policy issues. It’s not a political position. Governor Romney asked for my ideas about foreign policy and I am contributing.

SA: Why do you believe Governor Romney is a good candidate for the President?

I like his approach to foreign policy issues, which is a very problem solving approach. He wants to look at the issues to see what is the most effective way to solve the problem that the United States and the world is facing. When it comes to the foreign policy, one of the things that he is focused on is how to work with multilateral organizations to make all our efforts more effective."
Pierre Prosper was behind the effort that resulted in the declaration by Colin Powell september 9th 2004 that genocide has occured in Darfur:
"The United States Secretary of State, Colin Powell, on 9 September 2004 declared “that genocide has occurred in Darfur and that the government of Sudan and the Janjaweed bear responsibility, and that genocide may still be continuing.” The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, by unanimous vote on 23 July 2004, declared “that the atrocities unfolding in Darfur, Sudan, are genocide.”
June first 2011 a group of Former Prosecutors and State Department War Crimes Officials Affirm Satellite Sentinel Project Findings of Apparent War Crimes in Abyei (Sudan):

"A bipartisan group of former civilian and military officials has affirmed the Satellite Sentinel Project’s (SSP) analysis of visual evidence that the Government of Sudan allegedly committed war crimes during its occupation of the disputed region of Abyei. The officials include two former US State Department Ambassadors-at-Large for War Crimes, David Scheffer and Pierre Prosper; David Crane, the former Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone; and Michael Newton, the former Senior Advisor to the US Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes.

SSP issued a report on May 29, which documented visual evidence of war crimes by the Government of Sudan in Abyei. The project has conveyed this evidence to the UN Security Council and to the International Criminal Court. The Government of Sudan has stated that the Satellite Sentinel Project has no evidence of war crimes."
Pierre Prosper participated april 30th 2009 in the Boston College “Genocide Awareness Week with another BC alumni and prominent figure in international diplomacy and justice: Nicholas Burns,’78 and Rwandan Ambassador to the US James Kimonyo. Pierre Prosper and the Rwandan ambassador talked about : “Justice After Genocide".
Pierre Prosper on Kabuga an interesting story in itself, whicwhich can be read at ellyakanga's blog.
In december 2010 the Associated Press reported that
"a well-equipped military force was being created in northern Somalia with the help of Michael Shanklin, a former CIA officer and Pierre Prosper

, an ambassador-at-large for war crimes issues under former President George W. Bush.

The training and the equipment — which is so far estimated at over $10 million — is being paid for by a mysterious “Muslim nation.”

These sources said that this deal usurps the mandate of the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom), which includes security training. Ironically, Uganda has the most troops in Amisom, with the rest coming from Burundi."
With Peter Erlinder thrown out of a Minneapolis courtroom last week in the case of Somalian terror suspect Mahamud Said Omar I am starting to see the bigger picture here.

In october 2010 Pierre Prosper went to Iran where he negotiated the release of Reza Tagahvi--father of a Gen Next Member. Off course he had to bring up Rwanda at some point when he returned.

The mapping report covers the period 1993 to 2003. In defending Paul Kagame in Oklahoma, Pierre Prosper actually defends his own role in covering up and ignoring, minimizing the crimes committed by the RPF. Just look at these facts. Pierre Prosper worked:

A: as war crimes prosecutor for the UN at the ICTR:

During 1996 to late 1998, Ambassador Prosper served as a war crimes prosecutor for the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

And B: As War crimes chief at the State Department:

Prosper was nominated by President George W. Bush on May 16, 2001 to become the second United States Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues. After being confirmed by the U.S. Senate, he was sworn in on July 13, 2001.

Pierre-Prosper is vice chairman of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

In this video Pierre Prosper talks about Rwanda @ 6:00.

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