Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Marvin Olasky Hates Muslims, Loves Jews

Marvin Olasky loves Jews:
"I grew up Jewish, became an atheist and a Marxist, and 28 years ago, at age 26, became a Christian. I believe that faith in Christ is good for all people, but I also value the work of David Klinghoffer, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Michael Medved and other terrific culture war allies."
but  hates Muslims (september 2011):
"And yet, the future of peace in the Middle East may depend not on supposed theological "moderates" besting the radicals but on both moderates and radicals losing faith in Islam."
Every time I read this nutcase, I get more convinced he should get his head examined:

Example A:
"Christianity by its very nature is about the one and the many, monotheism with a trinity. Muslims see the tension in holding firmly to both, and they are right. That tension has pushed Christians to build a society that emphasizes both unity and diversity and in that way reflects the Trinity."
Example B in the category "get your head examined":

Marvin Olasky is clearly writing propaganda for Israel and advocating regime change in Iran (May 17 2011):
"And the biggest problem for Israel, of course, may be The Bomb: Iran may not be able to go as fast as it hoped and some expected, but whether Tehran’s fanatics have its nuclear weapons in one year or five, the danger will be extreme, barring regime change or some military action. The United States lived through four decades of nuclear-tipped Cold War with the Soviet Union because Russian leaders, without the expectation of an afterlife, did not want to kill Americans and die. Some Muslim leaders may embrace killing Israel and dying."
Marvin Olasky's article "Islam vs. Liberty" is off course a hitpiece against Ron Paul, just like Medved who called Ron Paul an "anti-semite" and "racist" this week.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin seems to be open to Ron Paul's views on foreign policy:

"First there is the Parenting Effect. Did you ever hear of a parent who resented his children? Rarely. Now did you ever hear of a child who resented — hated! — his parents? It is a paradox that often the more you give to others, the more they resent you."


Anonymous said...

I think you're the one who needs his head examined . Everything Mr. Olasky says is based on historical fact. What's your excuse?

Vincent Harris said...

what historical fact?