Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kinshasa's Urban Planning History, Segregation, Zairinisation, Article 35, Future

Kinshasa's urban planning and Zando ya Monene (market is a hot topic) is discussed on this discussion board with the Kinshasa 2007-2025 plan:

Kinshasa is expected to grow from 8 to 17 million people in 2025, Kinshasa needs urgently a Comprehensive Plan that is able to answer as well as possible at the present and future needs of its young population.

In this context, Citilinks and AEC Congonext are presenting together since 2007 some keys of a balanced urban development of the City of Kinshasa.

Let's go back in time and put urban planning in the context of Kinshasa's political history.

Maurice Heymans is a name to remember for those who study Kinshasa's urban planning history. Zandu Gombe is the name of the market in Kinshasa. Mwana Boko has a great blogpost on urban planning in Leopoldville 1948 up to Mobutu. Luce Beeckmans of the department of history of Architecture and urbanisation at the University of Groningen wrote a very informative book on this topic.

The market place as one of the most significant places in Kinshasa is the conclusion. Segregation during Belgian rule, lack of urban planning during Mobutu's rule and the influence of Zairinisation.

The protest against foreign business owners
in Kinshasa looks like a remnant of this zairinisation in the Congolese constitution, article 35.

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