Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kagame Reigniting Debate On Habyarimana's Assassination?

Assassinations and the accompanying rhetoric both at home and abroad have a specific goal: instill fear among Rwandan citizens.

Abbey Semuwemba, a blogger from the UK,    claims that the state visit of Uganda's Museveni "M7" to his Rwanan colleague Kagame "Pilatus" has reignited the debate on Habyarimana's assassination.

One of the elements that has been consistently ignored in the discussion of Habyarimana's assassination is the fact that Paul Kagame has a long list of assassinations on his curriculum  vitae. The assassination attempts in the UK and South Africa have put the spotlights on this aspect of Paul Kagame's rule.

Assassination as legitimate political method is a consistent ingredient of RPF rhetoric and Paul Kagame's speeches and interviews both at home and abroad. His online twitter defenders know this and have demonstrated time and time again that they diligently adhere to this tenent.  None of Kagame's online defenders will condemn assassination as political method.

Both a UN and a French investigation into the assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana Cyprien Ntaryamira point to Paul Kagame.

Former Foreign Office Minister Kim Howells, who was head of the Intelligence and Security Committee until last year, says today:
"If there's any hint at all that these people are threatening people whether they're British citizens or residents, then we must say to them 'I'm sorry this aid is going to be cut off immediately', and that's a threat they certainly could not afford to ignore."
The RPF is frighteningly consistent, something many observers fail to see. 

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