Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dick Durbin Refuses To Answer "Bad Question" By Blogger

Another example of
"a rather symbiotic relationship between politicians and their supposed watchdogs in the media"
This is how the media and the establishment has turned Ron Paul into the 13th floor of the Republican party.

As John Stewart said, isn't anyone going to give that gentleman a little love?

A line from the beatles song "something" comes to mind when we read all these analysts say they are 100% sure "Ron Paul can't win":
"You're asking me will my love grow,
I don't know, I don't know.
Stick around, and it may show,
But I don't know, I don't know."

This Ron Paul attack line is new to me:
Rob Taylor, the Republican Party chairman in Dallas County, called Paul’s foreign policy views a
“deal breaker.”
“His viewpoints frankly are right on the verge of xenophobia, and that is not where the Republican Party is by any means,”

Nate Silver calculates Ron Paul chances (24%) of winning the Iowa Caucus based on history as allmost as good Bachmann's 25,3%.

But who cares about mainstream media anymore anyway these days, right?

Philip DeFranko (videoblogger with huge following) gave some serious love to Ron Paul today:

"I would say to those in the US who are also part of the DeFranko Nation: "If you are not familiar with Ron Paul, check him out..allthough I don't agree with him on all things..but very interesting... and honestly I think he is one of the only candidates that can possibly beat Barack Obama, Bachmann does not really have that overall appeal"

Recently discovered one of the best "RonPaul2012" bloggers Karen Kwiatkowski :
"the omission and outright denial of the intense and growing Ron Paul phenomenon is useful because it tells us many things – some we knew, and some we may not realize."

"The Iowa straw poll also indicates that there is major division in the GOP – conservatives in and out of the Republican Party, independents, constitutionalists and libertarians find themselves searching for representation. These people – the majority of voters in this country when taken altogether – want a kind of honest simplicity in their politicians. This majority of Americans believe that war should be fought only in defense of America, and that lobbyists, massive international banks and corporations should not be creating policy in D.C."

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