Monday, August 1, 2011

Christian Coalition Coalescing Around Ron Paul's Tea Party

Ron Paul is expected to make a strong showing in the Iowa Straw Poll on August 13.

Drew Ivers, campaign manager to the Ames straw poll victory of Pat Robertson in 1987 once again explains Ron Paul's path to victory from his campaign experience in Iowa, specifically the logic behind the grassroot effort that led to the Pat Robertson victory:
"Pat Robertson’s Straw Poll victory was a tangible sign of The Christian Coalition’s growing influence in the Republican Party. The “Tea Party” movement could have a major impact on this year’s Straw Poll. Ivers, the former Pat Robertson backer, is now running Ron Paul’s presidential effort and Ivers sees the Tea Party “finding its identity” after at least four years of work."

Drew Ivers confirms my understanding of the dynamics of the race when he says:
“These things always take time,” Ivers says. “There’s always a build-up and then there’s an expression, a manifestation of all that grassroots energy presenting itself in the political scheme of things.”
Chuck Laudner, executive director of the Iowa Republican Party in 2007 and manager of the last Straw Poll, made a comment that should sound like music to Ron Paul supporters:

“The same could be said for home schoolers which as a coalition is pretty young in Iowa politics and I think they enjoyed their success in pushing Huckabee over the line in the Caucuses last time,” Laudner says. “Who are they going to line up behind and put over the top this time and I think, at the Straw Poll, everybody’s looking for the next Huckabee, right? So, it may be up to them.”

Why? Ron Paul is the favorite of homeschoolers!!!

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