Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bob Clegg, Huckabee 2008 New Hampshire Supporter, Attacks Rick Perry

Bob Clegg, former state senator from Hudson New Hampshire, can be seen in the video on my dutch4huckabee blog.

Bob Clegg knows a thing or two about backing a Christian conservative for president. In 2008, Clegg, a former state senator from Hudson, was a key early supporter of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee. But as Clegg surveys the Republican primary field this time around, Huckabee's religiosity seems understated by comparison:
"He wasn't like these guys," Clegg said last week. "Mike was a religious person, but he didn't campaign saying God put him here, God told him to run and this and that."
Indeed the strategy employed by Rick Perry (and Bachmann)  to win over social conservatives across the US is too obvious. I suspect Clegg's observation is exactedly the reason many Huckabee 2008 supporters are leaning heavily towards Ron Paul.

Voters can feel it when a candidate has authenticity problems.

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