Friday, August 5, 2011

Bernard Lewis Speaking on Armenian Allegations

Bernard Lewis FBA (born May 31, 1916) is a British-American historian, scholar in Oriental studies, and political commentator. He is the Cleveland E. Dodge Professor Emeritus of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University. He specializes in the history of Islam and the interaction between Islam and the West, and is especially famous in academic circles for his works on the history of the Ottoman Empire.

Last month the Dutch Foreign affairs minister wrote this letter to parliament on the Armenian Question and the construction of a monument for it at the ICC in The Hague:


To the Speaker of the House of Representatives

The Hague, 11 July 2011

I offer you love this response to the request of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs of 16 June 2011 to mark 32 500-V-188/2011D31300 on the Armenian question.

The Cabinet believes that terrible events took place around 1915 and it is important that Turkey and Armenia on the issue in dialogue. This will help to create a shared understanding about it, accepting the past and improved bilateral relations. The government encourages both parties so this reconciliation process, and welcomes advances while the initially deployed in the Turkish-Armenian relations to (on October 10, 2009 were signed bilateral protocols on this).

The Cabinet further considers that the Armenian issue in Turkey freely discussed and examined should be. Freedom of speech is part of the Copenhagen political criteria. Recognition is not a new requirement or condition in the EU negotiations. It is essential that a candidate country and its past history processed faces. This regularly by the Turkish government and the EU continue to be addressed, the government will implement the motion-Rouvoet (21 501-20, No. 270). So I have this conversation with my Turkish colleague Ahmet Davutoğlu done on February 2 this year, about you on 13 May this year briefed (Papers 32 500 V, 182).

What creation of a monument to Armenian victims during construction of the ICC in The Hague, the planned government this does not support or cooperate, as this would be contrary to the neutral position to the Netherlands as host of this international organization fit."

Gert-Jan Segers, director of the scientific institute of the ChristenUnie wrote four tweets on this:
August 1
Just "the first Holocaust" Fisk read and read with that knowledge (1.5 mil dead) Rosenthal letter about the "Armenian question". 1 / 4

If you translate the second Holocaust shows what a cowardly letter is sent Rosenthal. Middle of the summer. Because imagine ... 2 / 4

"Cabinet believes that in '40-'45 horrific events took place and that Jews and Germans about to enter into dialogue." 3 / 4

"German recognition of the Holocaust is not a firm requirement and a monument to Jewish victims GB's does not fit the NL'se neutrality." 4 / 4

Bernard Lewis explains in the video below why this claim that massacres against the Armenians in the Ottomon empire was the same as what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany is an outright falsehood.

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