Friday, July 29, 2011

Wikileaks Revisited By The Southern Avenger

Jack Hunter @southernavenger, who co-wrote Rand Paul's book "The Tea Party Goes to Washington" , was recently hired by Ron Paul's campaign as blogger. In this video he revisits wikileaks. The wikileaks story, in which Bradley Manning plays an important part, isn't over yet.

The drive to release Bradley Manning is only part of a new antiwar movement that, while not as visually striking as the protests that took to the streets in the 1960s, is slowly becoming a force the government must reckon with.

Will Wikileaks, after north africa and Spain, now have an impact on US politics too?
Will it shape the primaries and presidential elections in 2012?

John V. Walsh wrote on dissident voice yesterday:
"On the question of war and empire, the Republican presidential candidates from Romney to Bachmann are clones of Obama, just as surely as Obama is a clone of Bush.

There is, however, one exception, Rep. Ron Paul (R, TX) the only contender who is a consistent, principled anti-interventionist, opposed to overseas Empire, and a staunch defender of our civil liberties so imperiled since 9/11."
Ron Paul said in 2009 "Obama neutralized the anti-war left" and "I am hoping to revive the anti-war movement"

 Seneca writes on Latinopolitics blog:
"Frankly, President Obama does not seem like he was fully prepared to be President. His hubris may have gotten the best of him."
Last week Ruben Naverette wrote on Obama's double talk on DREAM act:
"The president deserves a confrontation over his clumsy, dishonest, and self-serving handling of the combustible immigration issue. Since taking office, Obama has fed the immigrant reform community a steady diet of broken promises, blame-shifting and outright lies."
Three days ago La Raza President Janet Murguía said Obama had failed the Latino community.

Joe Scarborough on lack of leadership by President Obama:

"I have got to clear this up. Mika heard two days ago on Capitol Hill Democrats all saying the same thing. And that is, this president has been invisible, he is not a leader. They said this all behind closed doors. Democratic leaders, Democratic rank-and-file. In fact, 40, 50 of the most powerful Democrats on the Hill"

Florence E. "Betsy" Cline writes from Mason City Iowa: "Give peace a chance, support Paul "
Meanwhile Barack Obama claims America still is the “stalwart partner” of democracies in Africa.
Ron Paul in a discussion with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explained very well how the American people don't see the consistency.

Related to this, Tom Woods has an interesting post explaining Ron Paul's position on Israel and on the ignorance of people advocating for American aid to Israel.

With the two Huckabee wannabee's Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty devouring eachother  an Ames Straw Poll win for Ron Paul is becoming more plausible by the day.

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