Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Altoona's Adventure Land Family Reunion Shapes US Politics

The organisation behind the family reunion that will take place near Des Moines Iowa, will most likely be among "the most sophisticated ever witnessed". For those who are searching for inspiration on organising a truely exceptional family gathering, not just tips for a boring aimless ride into the mystic, what would be the narrative or theme of your family reunion? Would it be just the regular visit to a art museum and history farms.

Off course, we don't know if Ron Paul will decide to take the 25 members of his family on the sidewinder at the adventure land park. However, what we do know is that the adventure the Paul family is embarking on when taking a bustour through Iowa later this month will most likely be the Iowa family adventure of the century.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul will kick off the two-day visit July 29th in Altoona, followed by stops in Sioux City, Spencer, Mason City and then Des Moines. The following day Paul will travel to Dubuque, Bettendorf, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo and Ames.

In the meantime Ron Paul's Ames straw poll get-out-the-vote effort is catching fire. Cory Adams, Republican party chair of Story County (Ames), endorsed Ron Paul yesterday. Sunday evening, in a conference call with Iowa supporters and volonteers, Ron Paul and Drew Ivers gave us an update of the campaign and how you can get a ticket to the strawpoll for 10 dollars.

Iowa blogger O.Kay Henderson gives an impression of the Ron Paul event yesterday evening at the Hilton Garden Inn, Ames:
"Paul began by thanking the crowd for taking time to be in the room. “I see a group like this as being rather unique because sometimes we…get the idea that every single person is really inerested (in politics)…It isn’t quite the case,” Paul said (some are more interest in visiting the Altoona Adventure land for sure). He suggested those who choose to participate in the Straw Poll next month will have an influence on the political process of something beyond even 1000-to-one, as Paul says the Straw Poll results can “make or break” campaigns. Of the Iowa Caucuses, Paul suggested the contest “gives an opportunity for everybody to have a chance.” Without mentioning Mitt Romney by name, Paul decried the “rich people (who) run for office”, who “every once in a while” win.

“Money just doesn’t buy everything,” Paul said. “…Ideas, issues and hard work are so important.”
Craig Robinson, editor of The Iowa Republican website and a former state party political director said yesterday:
“They (the Ron Paul campaign) are far more organized and are running a formidable campaign, they are easily a spoiler for someone. I think the question is whether Ron Paul finishes first or second.”
While many mainstream journalists are treating Ron Paul with respect, those readers who think bias against Ron Paul doesn't exist should read Paul Mulshine's "A key candidate is left out":
"anyone who was paying attention to the race would note that the rest of the field is now arguing on Paul's turf on such issues as foreign policy and the role of the Federal Reserve. You could make an argument that Paul is the story this year. The others are just repeating sound bites."
This bias is not caused by some hidden conspiracy, it's perfectly logical for two reasons. For one, the communitarian "sponge candidates" Rick Perry and Mitt Romney will off course continue to be promoted by neoconservative communitarian Republicans like Gary Bauer, Jennifer Rubin and Marvin Olasky. But at the same time, just as important, liberal journalists are all too willing to help these communitarians, by pushing the utterly irrelevant, as Frank Bruni points out in his excellent article "Much ado about Michele":
"Bachmann has proven a useful pawn for liberals as well, because she conforms to their simplistic nightmare vision of what Republicans are all about and fills them with righteous condescension while sullying the image of the enemy party. "
Huckabee said in 2007at the opening of his campaign HQ:
"we are here to play and we are here to stay"
Ron Paul's family seems to be taking the advice pretty literally.

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