Saturday, July 23, 2011

Drew Ivers: Ron Paul's Get-Out-The-Vote Most Sophisticated

Drew Ivers, Republican Ron Paul’s Iowa campaign chairman, said last week that their get-out-the-vote effort for the Iowa straw poll is
“among the most sophisticated I have ever witnessed.”
Drew Ivers is one of the most intriguing American politicians in Iowa and in the Republican party. Drew Ivers was Iowa state campaign chairman for Pat Robertson in 1988 and Pat Buchanan in 1996 and 2000.

After these campaigns, Ivers worked with the right wing Christian Coalition to set up the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition.

He was also campaign chairman for Ron Paul in 2008. What is very interesting to me is that Drew Ivers endorsed several candidates in 2010 that are also on the Huckpac list.

Alltough most analysts are not yet seeing it clearly, to me these are signs that the Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul wing of the party are merging. Once Ron Paul wins Ames Iowa the former christian coalition could well coalesce around Ron Paul and thrust him to a Iowa caucus win. Or is Ralph Reed once again going to back the wrong horse?

Ron Paul's campaign blog "the southern avenger"
by Jack Hunter has a prominent place for Jim DeMint's book "the teaparty goes to Washington" on it's frontpage. A clear illustartion of the merger that I am seeing. Rand Paul's "tea party tour" next week fits perfectly in this merging strategy.

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