Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cameron Cuts Safari Short

Joseph Lake @realclearafrica tweets: @viewfromthecave Ah, very good. There is a lot of misreporting on Rwanda and that article jumps to a false conclusion citing unnamed sources

Joseph Lake @realclear africa:
it is difficult to write well about #Rwanda since '94 but Gourevitch succeeds.
His latest on Rwanda's cycling team
: http://nyr.kr/neYcUo

I agree with Tom Murhpy that it's the #NOTW that cut Cameron's Safari short:

"Trying this tweet again. Speculation Cameron skips Rwanda because of Kagame. http://ow.ly/5Hx7P Truth is that it is the #NOTW scandal."

But the statement by Joseph Lake is too general. Especially in the context of his "endorsement" of Philip Gourevitch this sounds kind of hollow. To move the ball forward on Rwanda concerning this issue, let's try to be more specific.

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