Friday, July 15, 2011

Brent Budowsky Campaigning For Ron Paul

It's not just people like Gary Bauer, Star Parker and Marvin Olasky  that are trying to run Ron Paul's campaign of the road by promoting Michele Bachmann. I get the impression the Bachmann promotion by Markos Moulitsas serves the same purpose.

Everyone knows Michele Bachmann's campaign isn't going anywhere, the logical thing to do for those who want Mitt Romney to capture the nomination is to support Bachmann in this phase of the primaries.

The democrat Brent Budowsky at least doesn't seem to calculate his strategy (does he have one?), he is frustrated with just about everybody ranging from Barack Obama to Ron Paul:
"Voters don't care, Mr. President, about how much you distance yourself from various Democrats or maneuver yourself between various factions in a system they believe is corrupt, hostile to their interests, and alien to the notion of the American Dream."
"All of the Republican candidates for president look ridiculous when discussing the debt ceiling. It is a race to the bottom in a party dominated by extremists, with a third-rate flock of candidates playing amateur night at the farm, now including Ron Paul. His latest ad makes him look like a righty blogger or cranky talk-show host, not a worthy leader of a great nation. " 

Let's see how the attacks by democrats are going to look like when Ron Paul wins in Ames Iowa. In the mean time Obama's democrats are trying to limit the damage of the Libya misadventure and creating smoke screens concerning the Obama doctrine.

Voting Ron Paul in the primaries could be an application of the "divided government voting heuristic", based on Benjamin Franklin's words:
"It is not enough that your Legislature should be numerous; it should also be divided."
A Ron Paul win in Ames Iowa would certainly be a home run hit against the above cited pandering pundits.

Pundit, according to wikipedia, originates from the Hindi term pandit, which in turn originates from the Sanskrit (a language from ancient India) term paṇḍitá, meaning "learned":
"someone who is erudite in various subjects and who conducts religious ceremonies and offers counsel to the king"
Might the word pundit actually have the same root as the word pandering?

Gary Martin, mysanantonio, writes:

Paul used an aggressive radio ad campaign to defeat Laughlin, who had switched parties and was rewarded by GOP leadership with a seat on the coveted House Ways and Means Committee.

Paul won that 1996 race despite Laughlin's heavy backing by the NRA, Republican National Committee, the Texas Farm Bureau and Texas Gov. George W. Bush.

Paul returned the favor.
He still is!!

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