Monday, July 25, 2011

African Union Should Get Serious On Promoting Democracy

George Ayittey "Cheetahs vs. Hippos" @ayittey interviewed by Shaka Ssali on democracy in Africa. He quoted US President Kennedy:
"Those who do not make peacefull change possible, make violent change inevitable."

"dictators should get ahead of the curve"
Georgey Ayittey does not just criticize the sitting dictators, but also the opposition parties, mentioning the 90 opposition parties in Ethiopia and the more then 200 opposition parties in Cameroun.

"opposition in Africa should get it's act together"

@ayittey on the African Union and dictators and despots:
"Can the African Union -- a den of dictators and a despot as its Chairman (Obiang of Equat. Guinea) – promote democracy? "
@ayittey on free press in east Africa:
"Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya and Uganda -- in the Horn of Africa -- are not democratic and, except Kenya, all lack a free press."
@ayittey on famine and democracy in Africa:
"No substantial famine has ever occurred in a democratic country with a relatively free pres -. Amartya Sen - won 1998 Nobel Prize in Econ."

Bill Easterly, in his never published review of Dambisa Moyo's Dead Aid writes:

"aid makes democracy lets likely"

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