Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weapons Dropping: Is France Learning From Failure in Rwanda?

France has now admitted violating the United Nations Council resolution 1973:
"French armed forces spokesman Thierry Burkhard has “said guns, rocket-propelled grenades and munitions were parachuted in to rebels in the Nafusa mountains” by the French government"

French President Sarkozy is the most important player in the Libya war, it seems. In march Sarkozy surprized even his own government:
"But its apparent decision last week to recognise the Libyan opposition—the first big western power to do so—surprised not only France’s allies but members of Mr Sarkozy’s own government"
As Robert Gates said last week:
"These allies, particularly the British and the French, and the Italians for that matter, have really been a big help to us in Afghanistan. They consider Libya a vital interest for them. Our alliance with them is a vital interest for us. So as they have helped us in Afghanistan, it seems to me that we are in a position of helping them with respect to Libya," said Gates, who opposed U.S. involvement in Libya from the beginning, last week on the PBS NewsHour."
Today Figaro wrote about the amunition and weapon droppings in the hills of southern Libya. BBC reporting and NPR confirmed this today.

What vital interest is Libya to France? Could it be that France (Sarkozy) is trying to gain back the credit it lost because of it's role in training the Rwandan army before the genocide? But is sending weapons to rebels instead of training the state army really the lesson France learned? I doubt it.

Now even Obama supporters are now at a loss to justify their support of the Libya war:
"The Libyan mission, as both Obama's critics and supporters have noted, has broadened from protecting civilians to ousting Gadhafi and installing a representative government in his place. And we -- and our allies -- have gone too far down that road to turn back now."

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