Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mood Among Huckabee Supporters

The mood among Huckabee supporters in 2008 is well described by Randy Davis:
“If you remember Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls, you may recall for a period of time he left the NBA to pursue a baseball career in the minor leagues,” said Davis, an artist. “Everyone was depressed, because watching the Bulls play without him was torture. Watching the GOP field now is exactly like that, for me – and lots of others.”
Those who claim that Michele Bachmann or Herman Cain have any similarity to Mike Huckabee have either not followed the 2008 primaries or are just plain dishonest.

The Huckabee campaign challenged not just the Republican establishment, it also challenged the Evangelical establishment. Mike Huckabee effectively ended the Bush-Olasky "compassionate conservatism" era. His victory speech on Supertuesday can be seen as a victory not just over the Republican establishment that had allready written him off, but also an ideological victory against the Marvin Olasky's of the status quo that dominated the religious and conservative right during the George W. Bush Era.

The Mike Huckabee insurgency should continue and paradoxically the only candidate that can guarantee this is Ron Paul.

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