Wednesday, June 22, 2011

EU Blogosphere In Brussels Victim Of PR Agencies?

Craig James Willy writes on the EU pr effort that it is "universally shit".

The 15th of June a discussion took place on the EU bubble. The spokesperson of the Hungarian presidency expressed his disappointment:

"He said that he misses stories of failure from inside the institutions instead of all the “success spin” and that he’d like to see serious scepticism from outside and inside the institutions through social media."

"And Andy, a former blogger and now a Brussels journalist, reminded the audience that bloggers as well as journalists should pay attention not to become victims of the spin of institutional communicators or PR and PA companies with big interests."

We need some innercity press- like coverage of the EU, i guess.

As we have seen with Libya, developments in Africa can easily impact the EU. Diaspora blogs from Africa are popping up across Europe.Jambonews is based in Brussels and
focuses on the great lakes region. Brussels has off course strong links to that region of Africa. It's an illustration of the diversity of the capital of Europe. More collaboration among bloggers in Brussels is certainly something that would be worth striving for.

Today, speaking to EurActiv in an exclusive interview, Kempinnen, who has served in the foreign ministry of his native Finland as chief communicator and was spokesperson for European Commission President Romano Prodi, lamented the declining number of Brussels correspondents:
"Reflecting on journalism in Brussels after an absence of six years from the EU's capital, Reijo Kemppinen, the European Council's director-general for press and communications, deplored its decline in terms of "depth".
Erroll Garner actually was in Brussels too.

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