Saturday, June 18, 2011

Does Obama Have The Corker To End Libya Debate?

Senator Bob Corker doesn't even get answers to his questions from Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Does President Barack Obama really think he can get away with this? The Assassination of Osama Bin Laden makes him feel invincible?

Corker is the co-author, with Democratic Senator from Virginia(and former Secretary of the Navy) Jim Webb, of a resolution seeking an explanation for the US Libya mission, prohibiting the introduction of US ground forces and calling on Obama to seek congressional authorization.

As Ron Paul said last week at Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition conference:
"reminding his audience of the Biblical story of 1 Samuel chapter 8 when the Israelites demanded a king and God warned them what would happen. They would be burdened with taxation and the King would take their sons away to die in distant wars.

“I don’t think we need a king,” Paul told the audience, “and we don’t need Washington to act as if they’re the king of this country.”
A famous televangelist said at the conference:
“This is no longer about Christians trying to force prayer in schools or an end to abortion,” a famous televangelist told me. ”While we have been busy talking about those things we have had the constitution stolen right before our eyes. This is now about whether or not we have the right to worship freely. The battle is now over the constitution itself.”

The social object around which Ron Paul's campaign is built, is resonating with grassroot Republicans. Jim Demint's speech at the Republican Leadership Conference yesterday underlines this. As Bill Spiegel, a former member of the Senior Bush President’s Economic Council and the Southern Baptist Liaison for George H. W. Bush says,
“Much of the money that was going to evangelical lobbies in Washington is now going to Ron Paul."

Rep. Mike Turner said last week:
“The President’s report to Congress is an attempt to evade Congressional approval of military action in Libya,” Turner, R-Centerville, said. “His response also fails to answer the questions I and many other members have been asking for months. We still do not know who the rebel forces are, what the plans are if Muammar Gaddafi’s regime falls, and the time frame of our commitment to this conflict.”

Link on the history of assassinations is interesting.

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