Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Civil society protest at the e-G8

Civil society groups to the e-G8, (the electronic G-8): "Protect the Internet. . . .  Maintain the neutrality of the Internet. . .  Establish principles that encourage the free flow of information. . . .  An open Internet is actually the basis for democratic fluorishing around the world. . . that all government policies that hope to encourage citizens to fluorish, including education . . . health. . . energy policy, every variety of policy that operates in the world today, are all encouraged by the existence of an open Internet. . . . and that access to the Internet is fundamental to human beings around the world."  -Susan Crawford, former ICANN Board Member

[EN] La société civile s'en va t'en guerre à l' e-G8 from OWNI on Vimeo.

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