Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bradley Manning At Fort Leavenworth Kansas

Cynically Bradley Manning is now held at Fort Leavenworth the military training center where current rwandan president and war criminal Paul Kagame, the son of Museveni Muhoozi Kainerugaba and many other unsavory characters received training over the last 3 decades. Thanks to Bradley Manning we now know for sure that the US State department has been engaged in sordid activities through it's embassy to influence the Spanish justice system. According to Amnesty International:
"The world faces a watershed moment in human rights with tyrants and despots coming under increasing pressure from the internet, social networking sites and the activities of WikiLeaks, Amnesty International says in its annual roundup."
American politics still seems to think wikileaks won't play an important role in the US presidential elections. I would say, think again. As Melanie Philips points out in this excellent article:

"But who would have thought overseas aid would turn into such a hazard?

David Cameron is clearly experiencing an unwelcome initiation into what might be dubbed the iceberg school of politics"
Wikileaks will eventually not only impact the arab world, the information leaked in those cables will reach the American public. We are not just living in the age of Ron Paul. We are living in the age of wikileaks. American citizens across the US are asking these questions. And it will eventually impact the outcome of the US presidential election. The credibility of Tony Blair and Rick Warren has hit an iceberg which is allready impacting US politics like wildfire.

It seems pretty clear Pentagon has been spreading lies on the way they treat Bradley Manning. Bradley Manning is being held under inhumane conditions.

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