Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bachmann Promotion By Star Parker, Gary Bauer And Marvin Olasky

The early Bachmann promotion by Star Parker, Gary Bauer and Marvin Olasky is noteworthy. Star Parker wrote yesterday:
"America needs an inspired and principled leader today, not a manager. I think Michele Bachmann may be the surprise of 2012."
Gary Bauer wrote:
"Bachmann’s debate performance has helped position her to move from the large field of possible GOP nominees to the much more exclusive group of plausible nominees."
Marvin Olasky wrote last week:
"Now, we need a new line in the psychiatric manual, Bachmann Derangement Syndrome, to define some press reaction to the GOP’s newest presidential candidate."
It's hard to tell how much impact these socalled social-conservative leaders have on the outcome of the Iowa Caucus. It's mostly context and candidate that create the narrative that is necessary for a path to victory.

If caucus voters in Iowa get the idea Bachmann is just running her own mini-primary vying for the Tea Party/evangelical base vacated by Huckabee, I am not so sure they will come out and vote for her.

The key difference between Bachmann and Huckabee is that she pretends to be anti-establishment but she isn't. In all her speeches she panders to different sections of the party instead of outlining a coherent Republican view and adressing the party leadership and the party base as a whole. Her speech in New Orleans was a good example of that fact.

Iowa caucus voters should understand that Michele Bachmann and the likes of Gary Bauer, Marvin Olasky and Star Parker are working hard to break the strength of the anti-establishment insurgency started by Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul in 2008.

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