Friday, June 3, 2011

Acton Institute Takes On Ron Paul

During the primaries it will be interesting to see how people from the Acton Institute, Heritage foundation and Club for growth are trying to influence the outcome.

In my opinion it's clear the Heritage foundation and Club for growth will work hard against Ron Paul. Club For Growth has come out saying some very nice things about Herman Cain and Marion Smith, a graduate fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s B. Kenneth Simon Center for American Studies, said some nasty things about Ron Paul.

All kind of predictable, but what are people at the Acton Institute saying about Ron Paul? People like Kishore Jayabalan and Marvin Olasky

Former Ron Paul aid Gary North, labeled Christian reconstructionist, seems to be a strong Ron Paul supporter. Jordan J. Ballor posted this article on the Acton blog last week. Jordan J. Ballor concludes:
"As Moots and Terrell write, “Christian Reconstruction is in no small sense the gateway for libertarianism and Austrian economics to make its way into the thinking of the religious right. While there are clearly points of disagreement, libertarianism’s link to Christian Reconstruction is much stronger than its link to other groups within the religious right.”
This could be significant to the Iowa Strawpoll and Iowa caucus. Mike Huckabee's Iowa chair, Danny Carroll, backs Christian reconstructionist and 2-time failed Alabama gubernatorial candidate Roy Moore:
"Carroll is the former board chairman of the Iowa Family Policy Center, which is now part of Bob Vander Plaats’ Family Leader organization. Carroll is currently a paid lobbyist for The Family Leader at the State Capitol. He is accompanying Judge Moore on a 25-stop, weeklong Iowa tour."

Kishore Jayabalan

Marvin Olasky

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