Thursday, May 5, 2011

William Walter On Zambia's Lucky Number: 370.000

William Walter wrote an article in the Harvard International Review back in 2004 on the influx of hutu refugees to Zambia from Rwanda, Burundi and Congo . At the time President Levy Mwanawasa of Zambia was:
"concerned with the continuation of conflict, as hostilities threaten to erupt on his own soil. Refugees fleeing persecution, and the soldiers pursuing them, pass all too easily through the borders between Rwanda, Burundi, and the DRC. Zambia’s borders are now in jeopardy as Hutu expatriates flee the DRC. Even the current presence of Hutus in Zambia is problematic for Mwanawasa. With distrust running high, Hutus are reluctant to comply with Rwandan orders to return. This resistance could become the impetus for Rwandan President Paul Kagame to mobilize Tutsi forces in Zambia.

Mwanawasa is struggling to accommodate a growing population of Hutus fleeing Kagame’s regime”
As we now know, President Levy Mwanawasa drew the lucky number! As did William Walter:
"About 370,000 defecting soldiers of the Rwandan Hutu regime have retreated to Zambia, Mozambique, and Angola, making the region a veritable minefield for future conflict."

The Rwandan army had 7000 soldiers before the RPF invaded Rwanda. In 1992, as a response to the invasion by the RPF, the Rwandan army added another 23.000 soldiers. That makes a total maximum of 30.000 soldiers of the former Habyarimana regime.

Where did William Walter find this interesting number of "370,000" defecting soldiers of the Rwandan Hutu regime and write it down in the Harvard International Review!!

Might it have been Levy Mwanawasa's lucky number in the great lakes lottery organized by Kagame's RPF?

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