Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wikileaks Confirm US Interference In Spanish Genocide Case Against Kagame

US Consular Legal Advisor(LES) also suggested (2008-05-09) to the Spanish National Prosecutor
"that the indictment only told the genocide story from the Hutu perspective and the prosecutor confessed a lack of deep knowledge of the events. LES had the impression that the prosecutor who does not speak English, might welcome the opportunity to consult discreetly with an international expert"
It becomes clear from the wikileak cables that the US embassy in Madrid has tried to influence judges, the government, and prosecutors.WikiLeaks cables had a huge impact in Spain, says El Pais editor-in-chief, Javier Moreno:
"It's probably the biggest story this newspaper has ever been involved with"

A part of those US Embassy cables is about the indictment of 40 RPF officers by a Spanish Judge.

Those Embassy cables are solid evidence of a US effort to interfere with the Spanish justice and suppress the case against 40 Rwandan officers by Judge Andreu Merelles. For example a quote from this cable:
"In consultations with Spanish interlocutors in Madrid May 19-20, ambassador Williamson (S/WCI) urged the Spanish government to reach out to the Rwandan government at the political level to try to ease tensions over the Spanish judiciary's indictment of 40 Rwandan officials in connection with the deaths of nine Spanish citizens between 1994 and
2000. The general Spanish response was positive but noncommittal, although several contacts acknowledged that the overreach of the indictment was inappropriate and potentially problematic for Spain. There was agreement in principle to talking with the Rwandans, although we believe the Spanish will require strong encouragement."
Yesterday Justus Majyambere, one of these 40 Rwandan officers, was arrested in the US.

If he was released, as claimed by the Rwandan army spokesperson, this poses serious questions. The first question is off course wether the US has ignored standard procedures concerning interpol arrest warrants?

Stephen Rapp, State Department warcrimes chief, recently stated:
"We are pursuing (as very high priority) human rights violators accused of the Genocide, who managed to enter the US"
What happened to this priority? (second question) Both US Senate and House of Representatives should demand answers from Hillary Clinton and War Crimes chief Stephan Rapp as to what the motivation was of the release of this indicted war criminal.

Listen here to what Peter Erlinder has to say on US manipulation of the ICTR.

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