Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rwanda: A Carrot For Democracy

Olivier Chastel, Belgium's minister of development cooperation, is negotiating the 2011-2014 development PIC budget of 200 million euro's to Rwanda. Obviously, in the context of the arab spring, Olivier Chastel is pressured by his parliament and emphasis is strongly on progress in the field of human rights and democracy.

Sofar Kagame thinks he can trick Belgium by smiling, while in the meantime ignoring the conditions of the deal. Olivier Chastel explains that won't be acceptable to Belgium. Paul Kagame's regime will have to accept the conditions or refuse the money.

FRANÇOIS JANNE D'OTHÉE suggest Paul Kagame's arrogance is based on his conficdence on the backin by his friends: the UK and the US.

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