Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ron Paul: Joker In GOP Card Deck

How will the Huckabee voter in Iowa split?

Does anyone in Iowa remembers Governor Huckabee's words when he opened his campaign hQ's in the run up to the Iowa strawpoll: "we are here to stay, we are here to play". Let's play a little GOP primary cardgame after having listened to Mike play in Iowa.

Former South Carolina Governor and Huckabee's Palmetto State backer David Beasley
"The Huckabee voter is up for grabs. I don't think one particular candidate is going to get that voter,"

Dave Davidson in Des Moines, Iowa:

"There are other candidates that excite me, but I'm not sure where to go next," said Davidson, the co-host of a weekly online radio show aimed at Huckabee supporters. He singled out Rep. Ron Paul, businessman Herman Cain and Bachmann as hopefuls he likes."

Since 2008 Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee's supporters, like Marco Rubio, have been the driving force behind the Tea Party.

Will the GOP be able to keep that momentum going? The Iowa Strawpoll will be the first test. According to longtime campaign analysts this is the "Ron Paul moment". They argue that he is able to unite the different factions of the tea party movement and has the best chances against Barack Obama and can raise a considerable amount of money which will help him pull of a win in Iowa. In the words of Juan Williams "it's like a revelation" but GOP's looney uncle could well turn out to be the joker in the Republican card deck.

So make sure to register for the Iowa Straw poll in Ames, bus transportation will be provided from your county, and be on the lookout for David Beasley's view on developments in the run up to the Iowa strawpoll!! On to The Cavalcade!!

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