Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ron Paul: Bin Laden Is Dead - Let's Come Home!

Suddenly Ron Paul looks like a very serious candidate for President of the United States. He asks the right questions. ANDREW NAPOLITANO and KIRSTEN POWERS discuss him on Glenn beck's show. Juan Williams wrote yesterday:

"If you have not been paying attention, it is time to look around and realize that we are living in the political age of Rep. Ron Paul.

A CNN/Opinion Research poll released late last week shows Paul faring the best against President Obama of any potential Republican candidate. He trails the president by only 7 points, 52-45 percent"

Juan Williams theory that the tea party grew out of the ashes of Ron Paul's failed Presidential bid is a very interesting theory. I tend to think there is evidence supporting this idea. And it's certainly a very powerfull narrative. A narrative that could propell him to the forefront of the republican presidential primaries.

The video, which Ron Paul published on youtube today, asking the US government to call back it's troops, could be interpreted also as the trumpet signal by the commander of the tea party troops to reallign and support their Godfather, as Messamore calls him in his great analysis of the Ron Paul narrative. Might it be Ron Paul's longtail driving the Republican primaries?

Even the Christian post writes about Ron Paul "sudden" surge in the polls:
"Following the May 5 Fox News GOP debate, Paul's popularity among conservatives has grown tremendously in the polls."

Is this an indication, after the announcement of Haley Barbour that he would not participate, that we are moving towards a brokered convention? Tom Jensen seems to imply that Ron Paul will play a very important role in the primaries.

Enjoy Jon Stewart on Ron Paul here.

Is this the Ron Paul moment? He would no doubt attract a lot of former Obama supporters.

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