Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kansas Verdict: Kobagaya Did Not Participate In Genocide

Lazare Kobagaya did not participate in Genocide, that's the verdict from Kansas:

"The jury found that Kobagaye lied on the application about his whereabouts but not when he state he didn't participate in genocide."

Earlier today the jury was struggling to reach a verdict on both counts in the immigration fraud trial of a Kansas man accused of lying about his involvement in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda:

Jurors in the trial of Lazare Kobagaya (luh-ZAR'-koh-buh-geye-uh) asked Tuesday what would happen if they decided one count but not the other. The judge said he would instruct jurors that they can return a partial verdict.

Let's see what statement the defense, the prosecution or Stephen Rapp and the Rwandan government put out.

"As I understand it, they didn't convict him on anything violent at all,"

defense attorney Kurt Kerns said as he left the courthouse with Kobagaya and the defendant's family.

What to me is the most astonishing and disappointing of the coverage yesterday (by AP, Reuters, etc etc) just after the news broke, was the title that still called Lazare Kobagaya, who just was acquitted of genocide, a "genocide suspect". The New York times got it right however some hours later:
"Kansas: Rwandan Acquitted Of Genocide"
ROXANA HEGEMAN writes today for AP with a correct title:
"Immigrant convicted of lying on federal forms"
"It was unclear whether the partial verdict of guilty on the sole immigration count is enough for the government to revoke his citizenship and deport him."
Paul Shepard writes in his article "Kansas Man Beats Mass Murder Charge":
"If the government spent such enormous resources and can't get a conviction against an old African man in Kansas, it makes me think they were going after an innocent man."

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I"d call this good news.